Municipal Bond Buyers Conference



Candidates who wish to become a MBBC member and attend the Municipal Bonds Buyers Conference must complete the following steps:

  • Two current members of the group must send candidate membership recommendations to the Membership Director.  One of the recommendations may be from a member who is from the same firm as the candidate.  The recommendations may be (1) a short informal email or     (2) the MBBC recommendation form.  Recommendations should include past experience, current responsibilities, assets under management, and other pertinent information. Those providing recommendations should comment on the ability of the candidate to make a positive contribution to the group.
  • Once received, the recommendations will be reviewed by a 5 person Membership Committee for approval.
  • Upon approval, an email will be sent regarding payment of a one-time membership fee.

Please send recommendations to MBBC Membership Director, Ron Alberts.

Fax: (866)320-4509