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Assured Guaranty, the leading provider of municipal bond insurance, has helped reduce the cost of municipal finance and protected municipal investors for more than three decades.  Its subsidiaries Assured Guaranty Municipal (AGM) and Municipal Assurance Corp. (MAC) guarantee timely payment of municipal bonds’ principal and interest. AssuredGuaranty.com 

MarketAxess operates a leading electronic trading platform that enables fixed-income market participants to efficiently trade corporate bonds and other types of fixed-income instruments using MarketAxess' patented trading technology. Over 1,100 institutional investor and broker-dealer firms are active users of the MarketAxess trading platform, accessing global liquidity in U.S. high-grade corporate bonds, emerging markets and high-yield bonds, leveraged loans, European bonds, U.S. agency bonds, municipal bonds, credit default swaps and other fixed-income securities.  marketaxess.com

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Loop Capital is a full-service investment bank, brokerage and investment management firm that provides creative capital solutions for corporate, governmental and institutional entities across the globe.


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In business for over 150 years, S&P Global Ratings, a division of S&P Global Inc. (NYSE: SPGI), is a leading provider of credit ratings. Our ratings are essential to driving growth, providing transparency and helping educate market participants so they can make decisions with confidence. With more than 1.1 million credit ratings outstanding on government, corporate, financial sector and structured finance entities and securities, approximately 1,500 credit analysts and a presence in 28 countries, we offer a unique combination of global coverage and local insight. We provide our opinions and research about relative credit risk; market participants gain information to help support the growth of transparent, liquid debt markets worldwide. Learn more at spratings.com/uspublicfinance. 

Moody's Investors Service is a leading provider of credit ratings, research, and risk analysis. Our commitment and expertise contributes to transparent and integrated financial markets.